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If I missed anyone you cared about, sorry, try again next year. Al Lewis acted, wrote, held public office, and never revealed his exact birthdate, which is estimated around April 30, 1923.You’ll remember him best as Grandpa on The Munsters, but he ran for governor of New York, and had he been elected, it would have been MUCH more interesting than Jessie Ventura’s or Arnie’s tenure. Bet you never heard of Akira Ifukube, but you’ve heard his work. High profile politicians, entertainers, and other semi interesting citizens of the world media community kicked off in unprecedented numbers, with a huge last minute rush of World Leaders bedding down for that long dirt nap.It’s never easy picking the best of the world’s second bench of corpses, but here’s my take on who really mattered, yet didn’t get a two-hour profile on CNN or Fox.His unmistakable voice wound its way into our lives in drinkin' songs ("I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink," Barroom Buddies"), family songs ("Grandma Harp," "Daddy Frank," "Mama Tried"), prison songs ("Sing Me Back Home"), fightin' songs ("The Fightin' Side of Me," and "Okie from Muskogee" — though the latter was not really a fightin' song but one that might have started a few fights between hippies and rednecks), and lovin' songs ("Somewhere Between," "Let's Chase Each Other Around the Room").When Haggard died, the writer who likely received the most phone calls was David Cantwell, whose book, (University of Texas Press, 2013), takes us on a revelatory journey through Haggard's music and the life and times out of which it came. Speaking of embattled, Kevin Clash, subject of multiple sexual abuse lawsuits, landed his last nomination as Elmo puppeteer.This year’s Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award for lifetime achievement will be presented to game show veterans Monty Hall and Bob Stewart.

This magic piece of code allowed engineers and scientists to apply computers to real problems by writing code that looked like algebra, and not gray paint. The first to leave for the big blackboard in the sky was John Kenneth Galbraith. They just back up the truck with a new load of losers. Pink Floyd filled stadia with teenagers and gave drug use a higher purpose.The 40th Daytime Emmys will he held June 16 at the Beverly Hilton and air on HLN. 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Pien, Victor Alezones, Ted Ashton, Devin Atwood, Randy Baker, Larry Boothby, Trent Brya, Liam Clark, Mike Coker, Ray Dettore, Daniel Hagouel, Gene Huelsman, Andrew Jansen, Warren Jones, Jay La Fayette, Alan Langford, Ed Nelson, Rob Palmer, Brian Pratt, Kenny Rivenbark, Jim Rohrig, Dylan Sanford, Jeff Scott, Mike Uribe, Rob Vuona Andrew Bethke,, James Petersmeyer, Scott Padyjasek, OUTSTANDING WRITING IN A CHILDREN’S SERIES R. Stine’s The Haunting Hour The Series The HUB Dan Angel, Billy Brown, Erik Patterson, Jessica Scott, Melody Fox, Craig S.Three weeks ago — on April 6, 2016— Merle Haggard died.

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For your personal safety, do not ask for or give out your last name, address, phone number, email address, passwords or any of your Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, etc information to any person in this chat room.

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Unfortunately, there's no official definition or time frame for these relationship lulls, since they take different forms in different relationships.